Bringing Hope Charities International Inc was established as a 501 (c)(3) organization on May 2017. Our goal was to create a grass root community for women and caregivers of children living with disability in Kenya. The organization addresses the unique needs of  these and empowers the parents, caregiver. Most of these children live in poverty, lack medical devices and sometimes are kept in hiding because of stigma and the issue of being marginalized.  Our organization educates parents and  about disability. Our goal is to empower families to love their children for who they are and not what they can do, understand the unique needs of these children and how to meet them.

2018 has been a great year where as an organization, we have been able to step out an implement some and have yielded results. This year we had several meet ups where parents of children living with disability met and were educated, taught and encouraged. The first one took place in Paris hotel in Nairobi and six families attended on January 4th 2018 . On June 15 2018 we had the Bringing Hope Charities International launch at Saint Clavers Nairobi. Our founder shared her vision with parents and guests in attendance. On 15th September 2018, we had another wonderful family meeting with parents and kids living with disability. 48 parents and their children attended and formal counselling was given,  Towards the end of the year  8th December 2018, We had our Christmas edition edition family meeting for parents only. We were honored to have Dr Beth a children’s specialist educate the parents on different types of disabilities and how to take care of their unique needs. She encouraged  the parents to love and support their children for who they are and not for what they can do or not do. From the feedback, the parents would like to have such Dr/Parent sessions more because they feel well equipped to take care of their children.

We are conscious of the society attitudes towards children living with Disability. We will remain vigilant in raising awareness that these children deserve the care, love and safety that is accorded to all citizens. The organization will continue to educate the parents, caregivers and community at large to love and support their children for who they are. We hope to to change the perception of many that disability is a bad omen, it is from witchcraft and that these people do not belong in the society, thus reducing the number of children living with disability being abandoned.

Organization objectives include ensuring that parents of children living with disability in Kenya will be well informed, educated and will not be ashamed of their children, but well equipped to support them. We hope to see a change in society where the community is accepting and will start the dialogue of addressing the issue of stigma and marginalization. We hope to engage at least 50 new parents for every  meet up sessions for parents.

The organization plays a vital role in the parents of some cities like Dagoretti, Kabete and Nairobi as evidenced by the parents commitment in attending the meetings.  Most parents agree that these meetings are therapeutic in nature and will continue to attend. They report there is a transformation taking place and they feel better equipped to navigate the challenges of raising a child living with disability.

We want to take this opportunity as an organization to thank all our parents who have continued to show up, Volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make things happen, Our donors who have believed in this worthy course, Our board members that makes sure the organizational goals are our priority. We are proud to have you on our team. What you have made happen for us, may the Lord make happen for you.

Thank you

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