Special needs parents meet up.

Special needs parents meet up.

We held our first special needs parents meet up this month in Nairobi, Kenya. It was exciting to have different families from different back grounds and different ethnic groups come to support one another. These families care for children with Autism and other developmental delay. It is stressful  for families dealing with challenges and difficulties it entails. Most parents feel isolated and that no on understands the pressure of the demanding role of a special needs parent or caregiver.

Through the support group parents share information with one another, share experiences of living with such a demanding task and how to cope day by day. The support group allows the parent to vent their frustrations without worrying and have their feelings understood. It provides a safe haven for them and their children, a place of acceptance.

It is during these meetings that parents are informed of services that they can pursue for their children. They are given referrals to different medical professionals like therapists and how to go about. They are educated on the need to understand the special challenges brought about by disability  so that they can self advocate for their children better.

They also get the golden opportunity to give and share support as well as form long lasting friendships with other families.

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